This week, Uruguayan side Club Atletico Torque announced a change in their name and to their crest, as they move to put themselves closer to City Football Group patterns.

The club is now called Montevideo City Torque, with a badge that looks a lot more like Manchester City’s, making the partnership between them a lot more clear.

That’s a reason for the club and players to get more excited about their future, especially because they’ve just won the Uruguayan second division and are playing in the first tier this year.

The excitement is the subject of a story from LMCipolletti today, who tells the story of striker Gustavo Del Prete.

They say that when moving to Torque by the start of 2019, the player found out they were preparing to play the second division and were just a ‘Manchester City sports cell’.

So the change now is taken with great excitement, as the website brings a headline saying the player is ‘closer to Manchester City’, clearly hoping the partnership could result in a move for him for the future. There’s also some expectation from his former club Cipolletti, who still own 25% of a future sale.

The City Football Group has clubs in England, Spain, United States, Uruguay, Australia, India, China and Japan, so there are plenty of young players who dream of playing for Pep Guardiola’s side one day. Now these wishes grow in South America as well.