Whilst away on international duty, Sebastian Prodl has been repeatedly questioned over his status at Watford and whether there’ll be a change of clubs in the not so distant future.

A few days ago, the defender told Der Standard : “With four consecutive wins, the arguments are tough, they’ve played well, we have six central defenders in the squad who are all entitled to play.”

The questioning has continued and Prodl has again spoken about the lack of minutes he’s receiving. A complete lack of Premier League appearances this season isn’t compensated by 90 minutes in the EFL Cup against Reading.

Austria’s Laola1 quote the Watford player as saying: “Currently it does not affect me yet – with emphasis on not yet, but of course this can lead to impairment. And my next big goal with the national team is to qualify for EURO 2020… if the situation does not improve you have to think something over.”

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“I’m no longer in the situation when I’m 24 years old and say I do not play for half a year or a year does not affect me greatly, I’m 31 now, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve gained routine and I’m still relatively relaxed I am not in a position to compensate for weeks, even months, but in the long run such a situation is personally unsustainable for the national team.”

“I’m still not ready to pull the ripcord and change club, there will be injury and suspension, so if I’m the one who plays and we have such a run, things can change so quickly.”

Should the situation not change ahead of future transfer windows then it’s clear Prodl will be looking at his options and speaking to Watford about a way forward. He doesn’t want to lose his place for Austria, and if he’s getting so little football there’s a danger of that then the desire for a transfer is likely to grow.