RB Leipzig star Christopher Nkunku is ‘about to move to Chelsea’, with the transfer already ‘prepared’ and only an announcement missing.

That’s according to SportBILD, who cover the situation around the player today and if the recent departure of Oliver Mintzlaff will have any affect on it.

Mintzlaff resigned as Leipzig’s CEO last week, leaving his position with the Bundesliga club to instead take up a role as one of the three new CEOs of the Red Bull group.

That has led to some concerns about what might happen at Leipzig, who have been left without a CEO and a director of football, with the latter position set to be filled by Max Eberl at the beginning of December.

He might want to do things differently to how Mintzlaff has been running things, potentially putting Nkunku’s long gestating move to Chelsea at risk.

SportBILD insist that won’t be happening, though, reporting that the deal is already ‘prepared’ and it is just an announcement that is missing.

They explain cases such as Nkunku have been ‘clearly discussed’ with Eberl and the ‘commitments and preliminary negotiations’ on such deals remain in place.

That includes Mintzlaff’s promise to Nkunku that he could leave if a €60m offer was made for him. It means Eberl has to ‘wave through the transfer to Chelsea’, even if it has not yet been fully finalised between the two clubs.