Spanish website El Dorsal comes up today with a story about the ‘hell’ that Ayoze Pérez has been living at Newcastle United this season.

Being an outlet from the player’s home region of Tenerife, El Dorsal shows concern for the Magpies’ campaign and the bad form the player is having at the club.

They point out that Pérez has played all of Newcastle’s Premier League games this season, having started most of them, but hasn’t scored a single goal so far.

They blame it on the team’s tactics, as Pérez plays as a second striker but many times ‘seems himself obligated to make more defensive than offensive work’ due to the team’s characteristics.

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El Dorsal shows the points difference that separates the club from the 17th place, and adds that ‘Premier League expert journalists’ consider Newcastle to be candidates for relegation, even though we’re pretty sure you don’t need an expert to point that out about a club at the bottom of the table.

Ayoze Pérez has often spoken about interest from Spanish clubs and it’d be no surprise to see if surface again.