Today’s instalment of the Eder to Crystal Palace transfer saga returns to claims the player doesn’t really fancy it.

Right from the start it was apparent from Italian reports that Eder wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance of a move to the Premier League club, so Palace had a task to both convince Inter Milan and the striker.

At the time we said it was best for Crystal Palace to quickly move on, Eder isn’t a good enough player for the club to to have to convince through endlessly upping a wages offer.

Now, according to FC Inter News, Eder himself has killed the idea completely. According to an exclusive from the well connected website, the 31 year old doesn’t want to join a club ‘not on the same level’ as Inter.

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That rules out Crystal Palace, Zenit, and two Chinese clubs.

There are no other approaches, and perhaps Eder will sooner or later need to accept there’s a reason Inter are considering moving him on.

Who knows, maybe Barcelona are currently formulating their own offer.