England may arguably have the best league in the world, but the fact that footballers aren’t attracted by living in the country is something that just won’t change.

This is not only something that bothers superstars like Antoine Griezmann, who recently said he’d have second thoughts before moving to a place with such bad weather.

Former Leicester City defender Luis Hernández, who moved from the Foxes to Malaga in January, seems to be pretty happy after leaving the city.

Speaking to Malaga’s official channels (via AS), the player was asked to compare his new home to the old club. And the first thing that came to his head was really the difference between the cities: “There’s no comparison”, he says.

“Malaga is a city that invites you to spend time in the street, the weather gives you a little bit more of happiness. You cannot compare the two cities when it comes to quality of life.”

Hernandez arrived at Leicester during the last summer on a free deal from Sporting Gijón, but he wasn’t really convincing when given the chance, which lead to his early departure from the club.

After moving on a €2m transfer in late January , the player has made only two appearances for Malaga so far.