Whilst the Federico Fazio situation over the past year or so has been frustrating for Tottenham Hotspur, he arrived at the club with the best of intentions. It was a big change for Fazio to leave Sevilla, where he’d grown as a player and been accepted fully by the club’s supporters.

When his time at Tottenham had gone sour, Fazio returned to Sevilla on loan but many fans weren’t happy to see him. The Spanish club had spoke publicly and harshly about the way Fazio left, and so it was hard to suddenly turn all that around.

Putting in some lousy cameo performances didn’t help, and it must have been a concern as to where the Argentine would end up this summer.

Moving from Tottenham to AS Roma on a loan agreement, with a view to a permanent deal, Fazio has landed on his feet and is clearly happy with his situation.

Quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport, Fazio explained: “I played in La Liga and the Premier League, playing in Italy was my goal and I have realised this dream. In my view, Roma is the most important team in Italy, I cannot wait now to take the field in front of our fans.”