Andreas Pereira was presented at Valencia on Thursday, where he will spend the rest of the season on loan.

The Manchester United midfielder is now set to spend his second consecutive year in Spain, as last season he played for Granada who ended up relegated to the second division.

Pereira gave a press conference during his presentation today, and confirmed the transfer very nearly didn’t happen, with agreement only being found on Spain’s deadline day.

“I only knew that I couldn’t come to Valencia and that I had to stay at Manchester United. I mentally prepared to stay, but in the last minutes the situation changed and I was very happy. They never explained the problems to me.

“Yes, I was afraid it was not possible. I was in Belgium to be with my family, enjoying having three days off. But when I was told that it could be closed, that things had to be sorted quickly, I was very happy.” (via El Desmarque)

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Regarding the first chat he had with manager Marcelino, Pereira said: “Marcelino has told me that I have to feel free on the pitch, that I have to feel at home and continue playing as I have done at Granada and Manchester United.”

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata made his name at Valencia, and as the players obviously spoke about the club in the past few weeks, Andreas was asked what the Spaniard told him: “Mata spoke to me very well about Valencia. He told me that it is a great club and that it is a very good city. He also told me that the fans are very good. He told me that it would be good for me to play here. Now I want to prove it on the pitch.”

Valencia have a big game against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, and despite having just joined the squad, Pereira believes he can be in the match: “I am ready to play. If the manager so decides, I am prepared to play the game. We have to see game by game.”

There will certainly be a lot of Manchester United fans eager to see if Pereira plays… and probably Juan Mata too.