Diego Cavalieri travelling to London this week was a sure sign he’s serious about signing for Crystal Palace.

Having been turfed out of Fluminense, with the Brazilian club eager to get rid of his relatively high wages, Cavalieri hasn’t been in a great rush to pick just any club.

On February 14th we covered claims from Brazil that the goalkeeper had flown to London to pursue talks with Crystal Palace. It later transpired Cavalieri hadn’t been working directly with an agent, which could have slowed everything down at least a little.

The former Liverpool player will either have to negotiate a move himself or appoint someone to sort out the finer details.

If claims from the Sunday Mirror are correct then he’s making a good job of it. The newspaper’s ‘Football Spy’ column says Cavalieri is expected to sign a three year contract with Crystal Palace.

That would take him to the age of 38 and is surely something he wouldn’t turn his nose up at, even if he’d almost certainly end up as back-up.

Fluminense will hope Cavalieri agrees a deal with Crystal Palace, because it may make the goalkeeper less likely to pursue money he’s said to be owed by the Brazilian club.