With Liverpool possibly playing Flamengo in the Club World Cup this month, the Reds are being covered heavily in Brazil.

Striker Gabriel Barbosa has been interviewed by the English media this week, and besides speaking of the tournament, it turns out he also teased a bit with a move to the Premier League.

“It would be a pleasure to play with him. Maybe we could team up for Brazil in the future and Liverpool is a team that everyone wants to play for.

“But it’s hard to talk about this at the moment. My focus is totally on the Club World Cup. I like the Premier League very much. 

“It really is a place I would like to play. It’s one of the best leagues in the world. Every player dreams of being a champion and winning the Premier League must be indescribable.”

Gabigol is on loan from Inter Milan, who are highly likely to sell him in January. The player is said to be waiting for the best offers, which good performances in the Club World Cup could bring.

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And as Esporte Interativo interviewed Alisson this week, they obviously asked him to comment on Flamengo and Gabigol, with the questions on the latter motivated by the player’s earlier transfer flirting.

The Liverpool goalkeeper gave many compliments to the striker, and opened doors of the Premier League for him.

“I believe that if Gabigol continues with this goal-scoring mentality, the striker has to have that goal, to score goals every game, make a difference in his team, if he does the same thing here as he’s doing here at Flamengo, he will definitely become a great player,” said Alisson (via Fox Sports).

“I root for him. If we are opponents it will be another story, he’s a very good boy, I stayed with him at the national team, as well as I root for all the other Flamengo players. I hope he continues with this mindset. For sure he has potential.”