Don Balon are obsessed with the idea of Ousmane Dembele moving to Arsenal this summer. After an average match for Barcelona on Saturday, it was always likely they’d push the potential exit line again, and always likely they’d use Arsenal as the destination.

As they’ve now said on several occasions, Dembele would quite fancy the idea of teaming up with his former Borussia Dortmund teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Barcelona player ‘especially’ likes the idea of joining Arsenal this summer, and the Gunners are ‘willing to bid’ to make the transfer happen.

Whilst Dembele prioritises a stay with the Catalan club, his ‘disappointment is maximum’ and he doesn’t want to continue being a bit part player. The possible arrival of Antoine Griezmann in the summer is put forward as another fear, and that would all be placing doubts over the player’s future.

This is Don Balon, so much of it is worth dismissing, but it can’t be doubted that Dembele hasn’t had the season he hoped for, isn’t an important player right now for Barca, and things could get worse if Griezmann or someone else comes in.

Arsenal may well be just a prop in a Barca-domestic right now, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the situation.