Sofyan Amrabat is eagerly waiting to see if Manchester United will buy him this summer, with Fiorentina very much ready to sell him if they do.

That’s according to Fiorentina News, who cover the player today and how he is currently playing the waiting game over a possible permanent switch to Manchester United.

The midfielder spent something of a frustrated year on loan with United last season but enjoyed a late revival towards the end of the campaign.

All signs have been that he will return to Italy this summer but Manchester United still hold an option to sign him on a permanent basis and that doesn’t run out until July 20th.

There have been no signs that will happen as yet, nor have there been any signs they won’t take it up either, leaving the player ‘eagerly awaiting’ to see what happens.

One potential sign is the fact that the midfielder has been left on Manchester United’s official website, while other players who have departed have been removed, something which is seen as a potential hint in Italy.

A permanent deal would cost €20m at this moment in time, at least that is the value of the clause, but United are yet to show they would be willing to pay such a figure.

The obvious, and perhaps most likely solution is that Manchester United move in the coming days before that clause expires to see if Fiorentina will do a deal for a figure below it. So far, they’re yet to move, though, leaving Amrabat in suspense.