Peter Bosz is getting to work quickly at Borussia Dortmund, having replaced Thomas Tuchel at the club. Bosz left Ajax to take up the role, and what he’s trying to do now is keep his squad stable and convince those thinking about a departure.

One of the men who could be eyeing the exit is Matthias Ginter, report Bild. Tottenham have the 23 year old ‘on their list’, and are interested in a potential transfer. Ginter is currently ‘considering farewell’, and Bosz will aim to make that consideration stop.

Ginter is a versatile defender, and Bosz is determined to have as little disruption as possible to his Dortmund squad.

Whilst Bild mention Tottenham, and certainly present Mauricio Pochettino’s side as interested, the claims don’t hold a great deal of weight unless there’s big changes at Spurs. Ginter can play right back but he’s certainly not in the current Spurs fullback mould, so he’d be arriving as a central defender.

Ginter is hardly likely to be happy with being glued to Tottenham’s bench in a World Cup year, and the Premier League club would know that. It just doesn’t quite add up.