ESPN Brasil features today an interview with former Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, who left the club this summer following the end of his contract.

The 39-year-old has confirmed that he’d continue at the Hornets in case they avoided the relegation to the Championship, but since it wasn’t possible, they decided for his departure.

“Look, I always have things very defined. When I signed the recent contract with Watford, the team had to remain in the Premier League for the bond to be valid. I had decided for another year and only at Watford. Also because I embraced a cause there and it would be interesting to stay for another year if the team was saved”, Gomes told ESPN Brasil.

“But, things didn’t go well and the team were relegated. Last year was my retirement, but Watford asked me to stay for another year, because they needed me. But, after that year, again, they asked, if the team remained in the first division, that I stay another year. I had already signed a contract. But, my thought was to stop this year really.”

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Gomes claims he had approaches from other clubs, but only wanted to continue to play in case he stayed at Watford. That’s why he decided on his retirement, even though that wasn’t made very clear yet.

“Some enquiries have arrived from Europe. But nothing appealed to me like Watford who asked me to stay for another year. I didn’t want to start again. I was 39 years old and it was no longer motivating. I made the decision, practically didn’t announce it to anyone, just in an interview on a Watford channel.

“They asked me what I wanted to do and I said that I was already stopping, that I would stay if it was with them there. But, unfortunately the team didn’t stay in the first division. So, it’s my time to stop. To announce soon to everyone, we are already announcing here, but on my Instagram, where I usually announce, that a 20 year career of Cruzeiro, PSV, Tottenham, Hoffenheim, Watford has come to an end. It came to an end there. Hanging the gloves and boots”.

Regarding offers to return to Brazil, Gomes says he didn’t have any, and it would actually be unlikely that he’d accept going back to play in his country.

“It didn’t arrive. Especially because I wasn’t very interested at that moment in leaving Watford and coming to Brazil to play. I came back to Brazil now, I’m living here. After 16 years, I wanted to enjoy my country. My children were born here, but my wife only came to have them here. So they didn’t live here. I wanted them to live here, get to know our culture.”

“No proposal came, and maybe if it did, I wouldn’t take it. I would have to analyse, just like Watford who convinced me twice, a Brazilian club could also. But, I was already feeling that it was time to stop. I never had many injuries, none so severe, so it was fine. But, my head was about stopping. If it had arrived, perhaps I wouldn’t have accepted it.”

Heurelho Gomes joined Watford in 2014 on a free move from Tottenham Hotspur, and stayed at the club for six years. He left the Hornets with 160 appearances for the club. He also had 12 caps for Brazil.