Mundo Deportivo have turned up with another Sergio Reguilon article. It start off very promising, with lots of buzzwords, but still presents the same issues as previously.

First for the good news.

Mundo state the Real Madrid player is ‘very close’ to signing for Manchester United. Negotiations are well advanced, and the left-back could complete his move to Old Trafford this week.

The Premier League club are expected to pay €25-30m to Madrid for the 23 year old.

Then Mundo state there’s an ‘important aspect’ left to resolve, which is, yes, you guessed it: The dreaded buyback clause.

Real Madrid want one, and Manchester United don’t.

Mundo don’t suggest any way around this, but they do say Tottenham Hotspur are ‘very attentive’ to the situation.

All of this is being reported endlessly in Spain, and is becoming frustrating. Marca have had the most sensible seeming stance on the issue, suggesting Manchester United could pay more (perhaps the €30m) to convince Real Madrid to drop their buyback ideas.

Reguilon’s stance could be key.

Earlier this afternoon, Estadio Deportivo reported Sevilla, a club they’re local too, may not be out of the picture, despite them signing Marcos Acuna.