Even though there are good Argentine players all over Europe, it’s rare the media from the South American country gets transfer news on them.

The local press normally only reports moves when their clubs are involved. Otherwise, it’s more usual to cover what’s being said in Europe.

But on Wednesday night, Olé, the biggest sport newspaper in Argentina, claimed that Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez is very close to joining Barcelona.

It looks like the news missed the deadline for their paper edition, since all they have on it today is a story covering claims from Europe. Still, their website brings their exclusive take.

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It’s said that after weeks of negotiations, there are only a few details left for the move, and Lautaro Martinez could be involved in the biggest deal for an Argentine player ever.

Olé says it’s their ‘sources from Spain’ who are confirming the deal, as Lionel Messi now waits for his new attacking partner. The transfer would only be complete after the return of European leagues.

It’s claimed that Martinez’s €111m release clause would be afforded with an addition of a Barcelona player. Olé doesn’t know who it is, guessing that Arthuro Vidal, Nelson Semedo or Ivan Rakitic could be included in it.