This is a nice story for Arsenal fans. It comes from Don Balon, which is the huge downside, but sometimes it’s nice to live in a fantasy world, and this could be one of those occasions.

With the club still looking for the successor to Arsene Wenger, transfers, at least really big ones, can probably take a backseat for a few weeks.

The new man is going to want to have some say in who the club signs so it’s probably best the budget isn’t spent before he arrives.

But for Don Balon, Riyad Mahrez is ‘very clear’, he wants to join Arsenal and will reject all other approaches in favour of the London club.

It’s claimed both Real Madrid and Manchester City have been knocked back by the Leicester City player, who has his heart set on a move to the Gunners.

As well as being a nice fantasy read for Arsenal, the same applies to Mahrez. Manchester City interest is no secret, but the idea of Real Madrid being keen isn’t something which has been pushed by the Spanish club’s local media.

Mahrez leaving Leicester this summer would be no surprise, and Arsenal look a reasonable enough destination, but that doesn’t mean fans should get too carried away with these claims.