Remember that interview from Marcin Bułka about all those things that happened at Chelsea, like Diego Costa sitting with his pants down on Nathaniel Chalobah because he thought he was feigning an injury?

Well, it appears the goalkeeper, now at Paris Saint-Germain, regrets it and hasn’t been able to deal with the fact the internet is forever, with his quotes going around Europe fairly quickly thanks to social media.

That’s not what he’s told the French club, but considering there’s a video of the interview and there’s far too many strange quotes for it to be a simple mistranslation, that’s probably what happened.

Either way, France Football this week reveal the Ligue 1 champions were, at first, ‘astonished and annoyed’ about what had been said, especially since Bułka didn’t only target his former Chelsea teammates, but also his current ones in France.

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The young goalkeeper went to see those in charge at Paris Saint-Germain and explained he was ‘tricked’ and that his claims had been ‘excessively twisted bordering on sensationalism’.

The Ligue 1 club ‘accepted that explanation’, especially because he had taken the step of sending messages to the players he’d talked about to explain the situation and to ‘assure them his good faith wasn’t in cause’.

The group reportedly accepted his excuse, if you will, ‘without problems’ and quickly put it behind them.

Whether or not the same applies to the current and former Chelsea players he talked about isn’t clear.