Hull City are reportedly very close to announcing their first signing since Marco Silva’s appointment. According to the Portuguese press today, Porto left-back Evandro is set to sign for the Tigers.

The player left Portugal last night and should be agreeing the details of a contract with Hull today. The transfer could even be announced in the next few hours.

CapturarThe only thing the newspapers disagree is the price the English club is paying for the transfer. They’re not even sure if it will be a loan or a permanent deal.

Starting with A Bola, they claim Evandro is being sold, with Porto getting €1m.

Record says the player is being loaned out for €1.1m, with Hull having a buying option of €600k at the end of the season.

And according to O Jogo, it’s a €2.5m permanent deal that is being negotiated.

In any case, it seems the player is making the move for not much money. Evandro has recently been sent to the reserve squad, so Porto aren’t really concerned in seeing him go.