As Arsenal and Roma seem to struggle to find a deal for Wojciech Szczesny to stay at the Serie A side, it seems there’s a bigger club who could show up and break this impasse.

Juventus have just renewed the contract of Massimiliano Allegri, and according to Calcio Mercato today, the manager has given a list of signings he wants to be made for the next season.

One of these additions would be an alternative to Gianluigi Buffon, with retirement now appearing on the horizon. And it’s Szczesny who the boss has chosen.

The website claims the goalkeeper has been offered, presumably by Arsenal or his agent, for less than €15m, which seems a good deal for the Old Lady, who don’t want to spend too much on a player who will sit on the bench for a while.

It’s said that Szczesny  has said ‘yes’ to a contract of €4m per season, so now the details would have to be agreed with Arsenal.

The claims are across Turin in one form or another, Szczesny is the cover star of Wednesday’s Tuttosport and the potential transfer is also covered in La Stampa.

Despite the insistence, something just doesn’t fee right.

Szczesny, firstly, isn’t Italian, and looking long term Juventus would surely be likelier to look at homegrown options, such as Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Secondly, the Arsenal owned keeper wouldn’t be considered one of the world’s best, or on the way to being there soon, and such status will surely be needed to replace Buffon.

Lastly, as a character, Szczesny has had his ups and downs over the years, and it’d surely take a lot of pushing from Allegri to convince Juventus he’s a worthy Buffon heir in that respect.

Replacing the great Gigi is something Juventus will have been thinking about for years, and plumping for Szczesny seems a little rash by the Turin club’s usual standards. Alternatively, the Arsenal player could be considered purely as back-up, and in that case it would be a surprise if he’s jumped at the chance.