The Spanish press loves Paul Pogba stories, and today they’ve again brought him into the hype surrounding Fede Valverde.

Marca have interviewed Gerardo Rabajda, Valverde’s agent. There was a lot to talk about regarding the Uruguayan youngster, since he’s been getting some starts lately.

Pogba has been mentioned in the chat, as kind of a comparison between him and the 21-year-old. Monday’s Spanish media saw claims that Valverde’s emergence could mean there’s no need for the Manchester United player in Zinedine Zidane’s squad.

Rabajda ended up saying they could play together, and that was enough for Marca.

“That’s a bit… comparisons are always odious. Pogba is a great player. If Madrid had Pogba, it would be a more than Galactico midfield, in the future they could play together, but you have to be very cautious.”

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Although Pogba gets big attention, Valverde’s agent trusts his client has a future at Real Madrid, saying he just needs a little more playing time so he can show his full potential at the club.

“Obviously, over time he will feel the protagonist, and that will lead him to deploy his football on the field.”

What Rabajda and Valverde will need to get used to is that Pogba will never be far away in the minds of the Spanish media.