Bild’s hopes of Pep Guardiola returning to Bayern Munich in the summer have just had another big bucket of cold water thrown over them.

Last week, SportBild, their weekly magazine, reported the manager is unhappy at Manchester City and is a candidate to take over in Bavaria at the end of the season.

There’s long been a desire for Guardiola to return one day, he’s box office for the media and raises the profile of the Bundesliga as a whole. That City are struggling to catch Liverpool so far this season gave some hope that a change was possible should the Catalan coach grow frustrated.

On Tuesday morning, Guardiola’s agent Josep Maria Orotbig has spoken directly to the German newspaper and made it very clear that there’s no way the manager will be breaking his contract at the Etihad.

Orotbig is quoted as saying: “Pep is satisfied and very happy in Manchester. His contract runs until June 2021. I have spoken to nobody in Germany about him – neither with agents or club bosses. Pep has good memories of Munich and still has friends there. But he has never shown any interest in returning to Germany as a coach. This is a thing that would be just as impossible at the present time as last summer with Juventus. Guardiola always fulfils his contracts. I deny all rumours!”

Still, Bild won’t give up and say whilst Guardiola may be off the market until 2021, that could change if Manchester City want it to.

Such a scenario sounds like a long shot, but they’ve still contacted the Premier League champions, who told them: “We do not participate in speculation.”

Give it up, Bild.