It’s been a while since the Italian media tried to push Gabriel Jesus to Juventus down our throats, but that’s been rectified on Tuesday.

Gazzetta dello Sport, the primary pushers, are back at it with an article on the matter, rekindled by the fact Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer at the Euros and can now sort out his future with Jorge Mendes.

Ideally, he would leave the Serie A side, allowing them to rebuild their attack with the players Max Allegri wants, which includes the Manchester City player.

Jesus is described as the recently re-appointed manager’s ‘first choice’, as he is ‘young versatile and likely to integrate himself nicely with the other forwards’.

Juventus are aware the Manchester City man would be an ‘optimal investment’, and could help build a young attack that could last years to come alongside the likes of Paulo Dybala, Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski.

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What helps the Serie A side in all this, according to Gazzetta, is that Jesus ‘doesn’t fit in Pep Guardiola’s plans’, who would have ‘no problem sacrificing him to get Harry Kane’.

That’s why the Brazilian has ‘given his availability to transfer to Juventus, where he would arrive with the ambition of relaunching himself after a disappointing season’.

Buying him outright seems out of the question for now, and there is the worry he could be used as a counterpart in any Kane deal with Tottenham, which is why Juventus are ‘remaining vigilant’ for now.

They are ‘ready to sink the blow, especially if the opening to a loan from the English cub is confirmed’.

One to keep an eye on as Ronaldo sorts out his future.