Manchester City’s fantastic attacking system is certainly the biggest feature of Pep Guardiola’s side, having scored 64 goals in 22 Premier League matches so far.

But there are still other sectors of the team which deserve much praise, and the defensive midfield is one of them, being commanded by Fernandinho.

The Brazilian’s superb season has been gaining lots of compliments, including from the Brazilian media, where journalists are starting to ask if Tite will have to change the national team system to fit the midfielder in.

Fernandinho had another great performance last night, this time against Watford. When Pep Guardiola subbed him at the end of the game, the cameras even caught the manager applauding the player and hugging him on his way off the pitch.

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Fernandinho spoke to the Brazilian media about the great form he’s been living at Manchester City, explaining to ESPN Brasil how everything has been going well at the club.

“I’m very happy. Very happy because it has been a special season for me, playing well, above all the team playing well too, achieving the victories. We lead the league in an incredible way. So all this is making me very happy, I’m super confident playing with my teammates.

“I think the affection from the fans is very special, since when I got here, I have always been treated very well by the fans, by everyone in the club. So the only thing I have to do is try to give back on the pitch. And I’ve been able to do it in a good way, in a cool way. And I hope I can keep doing it.”

Regarding Pep Guardiola’s words last night, he said: “And Pep is like that. He’s a typical Latino, very similar to Brazilian. He gave me a hug there, he said something, a compliment. I am very happy because I am constantly receiving praise from him. He knows me very well from day to day, other players too. And that makes me happy and motivated to continue doing what I’ve been doing.”