Gabriel Jesus’ transfer to Manchester City has been a little confusing, and that’s why we did an article yesterday explaining what has been reported so far.

But there are some reliable journalists publishing clear information, and as always, Paulo Vinícius Coelho is one of them.

On his blog on UOL, PVC has an article today explaining the negotiations between Manchester City and Palmeiras to decide if Gabriel should move to England now or only in January.

The journalist has talked to Palmeiras’ officials who described the talks as “advanced”. City’s €32m offer is to have Gabriel Jesus only in January, as demanded by the Brazilian club.

However, things may change. City could end up forcing the player to move this summer, especially if he does well in the Olympics, although these possibilities are considered to be remote.

PVC says that for Palmeiras, competing for the Brazilian title is much more important than the €32m. And for now, these conditions seem to be agreed.

As we’ve said before: if City accept to have Jesus in January and Palmeiras qualify for Copa Libertadores, the Brazilian club will surely try to have the player until the next summer.

Maybe that’s even more interesting for Pep Guardiola to have him only for the next season, as the preparation time will be longer. It should all depend on City’s necessity of having another striker.