For several weeks we’ve covered Don Balon’s imagination running away with Isco to Manchester City claims.

Mostly they paint the picture of Pep Guardiola wanting Isco as much as he needs oxygen, but occasionally they forget everything they’ve said and decide the Manchester City manager doesn’t really want him, before going back the other way again.

The latest claim is that whilst Guardiola is ‘crazy’ to get Isco to the Etihad during the summer window, he’s going to face some tough competition.

It wouldn’t really be a big transfer drama without it.

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At this point we’d probably expect Don Balon to link Manchester United, just for giggles, but they’ve chosen Juventus instead. The giggles are still provided, with it being claimed Juve are set to offer as much as €150m for the Spanish international.

In reality, if the Turin club were interested, they’d probably go in at about €50m and raise their bid by €1m a time to around €80m. Juve are currently looking for bargains, and paying €150m for Isco doesn’t fit in with that.