Thursday’s edition of Super Deporte, a Valencia region sports newspaper, has a rather mischievous column from Julian Montoro.

With a headline reading ‘Let’s see if Leeds United announce Rodrigo’, there’s a clear suggestion all is not well with the – thought-to-be – impending transfer.

Montoro suggests it’s odd that Leeds haven’t yet announced the signing, and he states: ‘Leeds United have not yet announced through their media the signing of Rodrigo Moreno despite having passed the medical examination. They have not done so because, as the statement issued by Valencia CF said around midnight on Tuesday, everything was at the expense of that review and completing all the documentation and other formalities. A more or less euphemistic way of saying that payment guarantees are lacking.’

There’s every possibility this is both a dig at Valencia and Leeds United, with the journalist saying the Spanish club were too eager to tell the media about the agreed deal. The amount the Whites are expected to pay stands at €30m plus a further €10m in bonuses.

Initially it was reported this was an inflated figure because it allowed Leeds to pay the fee over a prolonged period, meaning both sides of the transaction could feel like they’d won in negotiations.

Victor Orta hinted at such on Wednesday, explaining that in all his time in football he’d never before been involved in a deal which pleased all the parties so much.

There’s probably nothing for Leeds fans to be worried about here, and it’s more likely they’re being dragged into media games surrounding Valencia’s latest crisis.