Paul Pogba showed up at Juventus’ title celebrations at the weekend, and that’s given a boost to claims he could return to the Turin club.

It’s a rumour Tuttosport absolutely love, and they cover it again in Tuesday’s edition of the newspaper.

Perhaps more interesting for Manchester United fans will be the claims on Paulo Dybala.

The Argentine has been linked, however weakly, with a move to Old Trafford in recent weeks, and Juventus don’t appear as determined to keep him as they once were.

Tuttosport claim the Premier League club have, ‘for more than a month’, been ‘pressing’ to sign the player. This is according to people ‘well informed’ about the situation.

Manchester United have been in contact with Dybala’s family, and it’s stated his brother talking up an exit last week was no coincidence.

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Gustavo Dybala told Argentine radio: “Paulo was very at ease in Italy and now he is no longer, like many other Juve players… He is not the only one who will leave.”

That caused a fuss, and was then overshadowed by the announcement Massimo Allegri will be leaving the club. The manager’s exit provides the opportunity for a fresh start, however, it’s made clear that transfer talks have likely been ongoing and a move isn’t ruled out.

The idea of some kind of exchange with Pogba is floated, although there’s not a lot of detail. Tuttosport say if Juve sell for €100m, they can make a book profit of €80m thanks to transfer fee amortisation.