Paul Pogba speaks Spanish. The Manchester United midfielder speaks several languages very well and isn’t afraid of using them, there wouldn’t be much point otherwise.

But maybe this is a sign? That’s what Mundo Deportivo seem to insinuate on their Tuesday back page.

After stating Pogba and Jose Mourinho have a ‘complicated’ relationship, it’s claimed Barcelona are aware the Frenchman is considering leaving Manchester United.

The Catalan newspaper then states: ‘In recent days, in perfect Spanish, he has said that it’s a pleasure to see Messi play and that Leo will continue to be the best in the world. His agent Mino Raiola has spoken with Barca.’

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Ah, the double whammy of both speaking Spanish and praising Lionel Messi, he may as well get a Barcelona tattoo and have done with it. Or perhaps have the Estelada flag shaved into his head for France’s next match.

A move won’t be happening, explain Mundo Deportivo, because the financial demands of Mino Raiola and the player are considered ‘economically unfeasible’.

Talk has quietened somewhat on a potential Manchester United exit for Pogba, but there’s plenty of time left in the window for that to all change.