Watching Manchester United, and of course Adidas, make as much showbiz as possible our of the Paul Pogba transfer, it would be easy to think the player would come across as arrogant, and more than a little starry.

Whilst it can’t be denied that Pogba clearly enjoys all the video filming, and star making, in his first Manchester United interview he came across as incredibly down to earth. Explaining that he genuinely felt like he was returning home, Pogba said it felt like he’d just been on holiday.

When asked why he was back at Manchester United, Pogba explained: “I think it’s destiny, I would say it’s destiny. First my mum told me I would come back here, and I told her: “You never know, we will see.”

“And for myself it’s a big challenge too, just to come back from you come from, where you grew up, where I started.”

When it was put to Pogba that, of course, he had to listen to his mum, the midfielder said: “You always say your mum is always right, so she was right this time, so it’s good.”

Pogba’s mum accompanied him to Carrington yesterday, and it’s clearly a huge and a special time for the whole family. With all the craziness, it will help to be in familar surroundings.