Dusan Tadic may be reading Monday’s edition of Blic with a hand over his eyes, because his parents have given a candid interview about their anger over the player’s broken nose.

Southampton’s Tadic sustained the injury playing against Wales at the weekend, when Swansea City’s Neil Taylor caught him with a high boot. It was immediately clear that Tadic had likely suffered a nose break, given the amount of blood pouring from it.

Watching back home in Serbia, Tadic’s family were absolutely fuming. Blic state: ‘Father Petar, his mother Marija and the family wanted to get on the first airplane flight to Cardiff in order to deal with the football thugs.’

The Serbian newspaper go on to quote Petar as saying: “It is hard to watch your child lying in a pool of blood (Oh come on!). Marija was crying around the house, I could not calm down, eventually I had to have a Bensedin (Diazepam)… my grandchildren Vasilije (8) and Veljko (5) responded like boys, saying that they wanted to go to Wales and to beat up Taylor.”

The Tadic family feel Wales were overly physical throughout the match, with Petar adding “They hit us with elbows,” and singling out “bearded man” Joe Ledley for criticism.

Despite the injury, Tadic attended his daughter’s third birthday party on Sunday, where he saw the rest of his family and spoke to his worried mother and father.

Petar says the Southampton player encouraged him to leave it behind: “I ask him: “How’s the nose?” And he said, “Let it go, Dad, it is essential that we remain unbeaten!”

“He said the national coach Muslin asked to take him out of the game, but he’s stubborn, he didn’t hear. It impresses me that I have a son who is a true warrior on the pitch.”

After the match there had been a suggestion Tadic may require surgery, but Petar has good news on that front for Southampton, he’s got the all clear: “I talked to my son who said the doctors say that in spite of everything he will not have to go under the knife. At least some good news, but the nose hurts, that’s for sure.”

Neil Taylor may wish to avoid Serbia for a while.