If there’s one surprise at Juventus these days, it’s the fact Adrien Rabiot is playing regularly and doing well under Max Allegri.

Much maligned over the years, both at Paris Saint-Germain and in Italy, the Frenchman is now back at the heart of things in Turin, which could also be a problem for the Serie A side, as Tottenham are always looming.

That’s, in essence, what discuss on Thursday, as Juventus reportedly evaluate the idea of giving him a new contract, since his current one expires in 2023.

However, the website state ‘a possible future away from Juventus and a flashback of Fabio Paratici should not be ruled out’.

That’s because the Tottenham director of football is the one who brought him to Italy in the first place, and ‘could attempt an offensive this time to make him land at Tottenham’ to work under Antonio Conte.

In fact, it’s pointed out that Rabiot ‘is not impossible to sell’ this summer, and ‘an offer of around €15m would satisfy the Old Lady’.

That being said, it’s also made clear ‘nothing concrete at the moment’ is happening on that end, but it could be something that picks up pace going forward, especially if Conte asks for midfielders at Tottenham.