When Don Balon this week moved on to claims Jurgen Klopp could move to Real Madrid, we assumed they’d become bored of Mohamed Salah stories and couldn’t dream anything else up on the Egyptian.

We underestimated Don Balon.

After initially dreaming up a €200m Liverpool asking price (something which then spread through the European media), Don Balon decided Real Madrid couldn’t pay such a fee. Then they claimed Gareth Bale could be sent to Anfield as part payment, but quickly decided he wants Manchester United instead.

Then there was the quick Klopp flirtation, and now there’s talk of a ‘promise’.

The Spanish imagirumour website claim Liverpool have promised Salah that if he wins the Champions League for the club then they’ll negotiate his sale to anyone.

Just like that.

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Liverpool, having just won the Champions League for the sixth time, would happily face the wrath of their fans and let Salah go. Of course they would.

And what would Salah make of it all? Well, it’s claimed he’s keen on the move, with Don Balon adding ‘How could it be otherwise?’.

This story will rumble on, maybe the next step is sending someone like Isco, Kroos or Modric to Anfield.