Short of changing the keys to his locker and revoking his security access to the training ground, there’s not really much more Real Madrid could do to show Gareth Bale they’d like him to leave the club this summer.

The Welshman is being pushed out and now it just seems a question of where he’s going to end up. Florentino Perez and Zinedine Zidane can do all the forcing they want, but if Bale has nowhere to go then it’s going to be impossible.

Marca now report the Tottenham option ‘is on the table’.

Bale is said to have held a meeting with his agent Jonathan Barnett for two hours on Wednesday, and rather than battle with Madrid now is the time to find a new destination.

Whereas previously it had been thought Tottenham wasn’t being considered seriously by the player, things are changing. Bale doesn’t want a ‘soap opera’ of a summer and would rather things were sorted out more smoothly then when he left Spurs.

For some weeks, the Spanish media have been reporting a loan as a possibility, and it could even see Madrid continuing to pay some of his wages.

The question now is how interested Tottenham are, if indeed they’re keen at all. Given Real Madrid’s position over the player, and the current lack of suitors, Daniel Levy may be able to negotiate an impressive, low risk, deal.