FC Lorient manager Régis Le Bris has insisted he is not worried about owner Bill Foley putting his focus on Bournemouth.

He was speaking at a press conference yesterday, covered by Ouest France, when the subject of Foley’s recent comments on his plans was brought up.

The American businessman has found himself coming in for criticism at Lorient after he admitted he plans to put Bournemouth’s interests ahead of his other clubs.

He recently sat down for an interview with the Athletic and detailed his plans for the Cherries and how that will impact his other clubs, namely Lorient.

It’s not the first time he has suggested that Bournemouth will take precedence moving forwards, with him saying similar in December last year, much to the annoyance of Lorient fans, before confirming in February that “FC Lorient will not be a subsidiary club of Bournemouth”.

And it seems that is something that Le Bris is also not worried about at this point, despite having never actually met or spoken to Foley.

“I don’t see it. I believe what I live inside the club,” he said.

“And the project continues to be built, with its autonomy to be able to move forward. I didn’t see anything else.

“We can develop positive synergies both for the English club and for FC Lorient. So, I see it more as an opportunity for us.”