Henry Onyekuru has now left parent club Everton to return to Anderlecht where he’ll continue his recovery from a knee injury.

Anderlecht Online once again go over the disagreement between the player and Everton on one side and the Belgium club on the other about surgery.

Soon after Oneykuru picked up his injury, Anderlecht decided he’d need an operation. The player didn’t agree and got a second opinion, whilst all this was happening Anderlecht put out an official statement declaring an operation was needed and that they backed their doctors.

Everton thought differently, and Onyekuru still has his World Cup dream alive thanks to the Premier League club going against the side they’d loaned him to.

Now back in Belgium, with Anderlecht not having changed their mind, feeling an operation is ‘inevitable’, it seems an awkward situation to say the least. DH say it’s the player himself who has decided to take the risk that his knee can heal naturally.

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DH also believe having an operation, and subsequently missing the World Cup, could impact Onyekuru’s chances of a work permit at Everton.

It’s a really strange situation for everyone involved and Everton will have to hope Anderlecht have fully bought into the no-operation plan. Either way, there’s going to be a constant worry until Onyekuru has been back playing for a while without problems, and that’s not going to be until the end of the season at the earliest.