On Thursday, the father of Roger Martinez spoke to the Colombian media confirming the interest from Sheffield United in signing the striker.

But it’s been a while since we’ve last seen something about the Blades’ attempt to sign the player. We thought there would be something in the Mexican media today, but there’s nothing.

What we’ve found are some claims about America’s stance on a possible deal. They all come from Mexican journalist Jonatan Peña, who’s been answering some questions on Twitter.

He says America are preparing some signings for the case of Martinez’s departure, and it means the club believe someone can reach the price demanded.

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America are said to be asking for €20m in case of a sale. Martinez is said to have ‘open doors’ in case a club offer this amount. Jonatan Peña also made a poll asking who should replace the striker after his ‘imminent’ departure.

So in Mexico people are pretty confident he’s leaving. Now we wait and see if Sheffield United will really bid for him.