Valencia’s wish to bring Juan Mata back to the club has always been there, but with the midfielder’s contract with Manchester United being about to expire, it’s inevitable that the rumours get stronger.

Local website Deporte Valenciano has a story about the situation, as a reaction to the recent reports coming from England.

The outlet recalls Valencia president Peter Lim made an approach to bring the Spaniard in last summer, but the next transfer window is still looking like ‘the perfect opportunity’ to land him.

Mata wouldn’t be to expensive due to the possibility to walk on a free transfer at the end of the season, and the confidence that a deal is possible is because it doesn’t seem that ‘there’s much desire’ to renew his contract. The only problem would be his salary.

This is another report which doesn’t mention Manchester United’s power to extend Mata’s contract by a further year, quite a crucial thing to leave out.

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Valencia would welcome an attacking midfielder at the club, and that’s the most interesting point, because that’s a role where the Manchester United loanee Andreas Pereira has been failing to impress the local media.

To finish the story, Deporte Valenciano asks if Mata’s arrival could mean the departure of Andreas Pereira, who would have his spell broken and could return to Old Trafford.

Someone has been thinking about this one too hard.

Assuming there’s anything in this, and it’s not all been imagined up by too much cheese before bedtime, Mourinho would the choice of Pereira returning from his loan, and swapping for Mata. But Manchester United would likely lose out on any serious transfer fee for Mata, so it all looks weighted in Valencia’s favour.