It was only a matter of time before Spanish media outlets started reporting a possible Real Madrid move for Paul Pogba. Losing out on Andre Gomes to Barcelona, although Marca insist it was Real Madrid who actually walked away, has left the club with something of a bloody nose.

The damaged pride at Real Madrid could be healed by signing Pogba, but then the Madrid media have spent the last week explaining why he’s not good enough, and Gomes was the better all round choice, with everything taken into consideration.

Onda Cero tweeted on Friday ‘Madrid could activate operation Pogba’

That has understandably got some Manchester United fans worried.

However, their actual articles says: ‘The transfer of Andre Gomes to Barcelona means Real Madrid can activate operation Pogba. The blancos deny contact with the player in recent days. Everything will depend on the departure of James, who has already informed Real Madrid that he does not want to leave. Regarding the tour in Montreal, Asensio hasn’t trained because of muscle problems.’

That’s it.

So Real Madrid could activate an effort to sign Pogba, only IF they sell James Rodriguez, who has told them he doesn’t want to go. This one is not even an embryo yet.