Following the confirmation that Olympiacos’ squad are all being tested for Coronavirus, club manager Pero Martins has spoken to his home country’s press about it.

The coach has been interviewed by RTP, and brought all the details on why they’ve decided to be examined on Tuesday afternoon, just two days before they’re set to face Wolves.

“We were training. Then we were informed by the doctor that the president had posted a statement to take note of his health status and he put it on social media,” Pedro Martins told RTP. “We’re here waiting for a team of doctors to collect samples.

“Then, from there, they will be analysed. And then take action on that. Now there is no panic, it’s a measure that we took, not because we were obliged, but because we think it was important to do so and we have that responsibility also to society.

“Therefore, there is no element of the of the technical team staff, of the players, who has any symptoms of the disease. In general, they are simple to do, they last about a minute for each element, and then they will be analysed and we will have to wait three to four hours.”

The staff and the squad will be waiting at the training centre until the results come, and Martins says it’s been their own decision: “We’re doing it on our own initiative, not because we were forced to do this. We are going to stay here.”

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Things have been developing pretty quickly since Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis announced on social media that he’s been tested positive for coronavirus.

Wolverhampton Wanderers were supposed to be playing their Europa Clash against them in Greece on Thursday, and UEFA had already decided that this game would be played behind closed doors. But, as reported by the English press, the Molineux side have already asked for the match to be postponed.

Now with the tests results coming out this afternoon, it should be easier and quicker for UEFA to take a decision whether to accept Wolves’ request or not.