West Ham seem determined not to learn their lesson with Sporting, and actually consult some expertise from people experienced with the club.

All of the London club’s troubles with Sporting could have been avoided had the Hammers taken some advice, or even bothered to research the club themselves. There’d have been no ridiculous and arrogant offer, no war of words with Bruno de Carvalho, and subsequently no mocking of the club’s owners with inflatable dildos at the London Stadium.

The latest word out of London, perhaps via West Ham, has been that Sporting are bluffing over taking the club to FIFA. Sporting had publicly said they’d be launching proceedings regarding West Ham’s pursuit of William Carvalho this summer, with tapping up a major part of that.

Sporting are regulars with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. As they showed relatively recently with the Marcos Rojo and Doyen case, the Lisbon club will plough ahead even when it looks like there’s a poor chance of winning.

Therefore if they feel they have a good case against West Ham they’ll go for it, and they’ll probably do the same even if not.

Suggestions of Sporting bluffing have made their way to Portugal, and O Jogo has been told by a source at the club that things are very much going ahead. Sporting’s in-house legal team (if any club need one it’s them) are compiling the case and there’s no deadline to submit it to FIFA, they won’t be rushed by West Ham.

Bluffing claims will have only served to make things worse.