Benfica are clearly trying to raise some money during the current transfer window, and are being proactive in their efforts. Manchester United backing away from signing Victor Lindelof has seen Benfica president Luis Felipe Vieira travel to China to see if he could convince a club there to buy someone.

That didn’t work, so Manchester United’s bank account is back on the agenda, with A Bola reporting Vieira has spoken with the club, after flying into London.

This time the subject of transfer negotiations is said to mainly be Goncalo Guedes, with A Bola saying there have been ‘significant advances’ in talks for Manchester United to buy the 20 year old.

Once again this seems to be Benfica wanting to sell a player, rather than Manchester United really wanting to sign one. The asking price would be €30m, and whilst Guedes is talented, he’s not really what Jose Mourinho needs.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 18.53.46Manchester United are well stocked in the young-forward-who-can-also-play-on-the-wing department, so perhaps this is all wishful thinking on behalf of Benfica.

Also on the agenda is any chance of reviving the Lindelof deal, and Benfica are interested in signing Joel Pereira from Manchester United in the summer.

Maybe the ‘significant advances’ were that Manchester United answered the telephone and didn’t immediately hang up.