Just yesterday, we covered news from Argentina saying Racing were interested in the signing of Sergio Romero from Manchester United.

The Avallaneda side have been building a strong team in the past few years, and their old goalkeeper would be seen as the icing on the cake for them.

Now it seems this rumours has been growing a lot in the past hours, because Racing president Victor Blanco has already spoken about this subject with the local media.

The official was interviewed by Radio Colonia, and confirmed that they’d be interested in signing Sergio Romero, as long as the goalkeeper knows he’d have to take a big pay cut for that.

“I dream of bringing Chiquito, but he has to come with the conviction of wanting to return, knowing that he’s not going to earn in dollars or the amount of money he earns in Europe“, Victor Blanco told Radio Colonia (via Olé).

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 “But Racing opens the doors to everyone who wants to return. In Tita there’s a court with his name, obviously we want him to come, but it’s his decision and I understand if he wants to stay there.”

Sérgio Romero always seemed comfortable in being Manchester United’s second goalkeeper, but a lot changed this summer.

First because he lost his place at the national team, and also because Dean Henderson was called back to the first team squad, making the Argentine international the third option.

On top of that, his wife has been making it pretty clear that he’d like to leave the club now.