Liverpool star Mohamed Salah spoke to the Brazilian media this week. In an interview with ESPN Brasil’s Natali Gedra, the 28-year-old talked about the path to the Premier League title.

The winger was asked at one point he realised they’d be winning the trophy, and said it was against Manchester City.

“I think the game against City was unbelievable. Which when I felt like ‘Oh, now we’re gonna win the Premier League’. Now we beat Man City, and City are the team that always try to win the title. So now it’s our time to win it,” Salah told ESPN Brasil.

Asked if he set any goals for this season, Salah explained that’s something he does every year.

“Yeah, I do. Before the season, I always have a week alone. Alone. That’s to prepare myself for the next season. I put targets for myself, which is like this season the main one was to win the Premier League. Which I can’t lie, last season as well it was the Premier League and the Champions League. Unfortunately we lost the Premier League, it was a one point difference. But before the season I have to put targets to drive me during the season, make me push myself forward and try to get my goals.”

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In terms of stats, this wasn’t Salah’s best season for Liverpool. In his first year at the club, he had 32 goals and 11 assists in the Premier League. Those numbers dropped to 22 goals and 10 assists the following season. And in the current season, he has 17 goals and seven assists so far.

Asked what changed, Salah claims it’s been getting more difficult because he now gets special attention from Premier League defenders.

“It’s different, because in the first year, no one would focus on you. So you have more chances to create, more chances to score. But since that time, there are always two players there. Everyone focuses on you. So they prepare before the game, they know how to stop you.

“So you have to change the way you play, change everything. Which is great as well, because you give teammates chances to score more goals. But I’m still happy about that because I keep scoring goals and breaking records, so it’s great.”