Nottingham Forest striker Nicklas Bendtner hasn’t broken his ankle, according to reports originating from the very reliable Danish press, but there’s still worry he may have suffered serious ligament damage, which would leave him out of the game for a similar period, and may be more of a worry going forward.

Quite what happened to Bendtner, and why he suffered such an injury, is up for some debate, with it not being a particularly bad challenge from Birmingham City’s Michael Morrison, but more of a collision between the two players, with the Dane landing badly.

Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet say a source close to the player has told them Bendtner believes Morrison hit his shin with full weight, with the Birmingham City man’s challenge resulting in the injury.

However, there’s no attempt to blame Morrison, and doesn’t seem to be any accusations or anger coming from the Bendtner camp at this stage. The weight of the Birmingham City player appears to have resulted in Bendtner’s ankle buckling underneath him, which would explain why the striker was in so much pain.