Earlier today, we covered claims from newspaper Jornal de Notícias which showed that clubs are not really interested in paying €10m for Nikola Vukcevic from Braga.

The outlet only named Nottingham Forest as an interested side, and said that things should move quickly for the transfer to England to be sorted before the window closes.

Now other outlets have a more complete take on the case, detailing the tussle that has been going on between club and player.

Vukcevic wants out, but Braga don’t want to decrease the price set for his transfer. That’s why the player hasn’t even been training, and wasn’t registered for the next round of European competition.

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The midfielder’s agent Simic has spoken to O Jogo, and claimed that there was the ‘promise of a transfer’ that hasn’t been fulfilled.

Even though Braga don’t want the player to go throught a disciplinary process, as he’s too important to the squad, O Jogo claims that he’s still only leaving for the ‘right price’.

Newspaper Record claims that this price is €10m, and that won’t change, despite different claims on Monday.

It’s unlikely Nottingham Forest would pay that figure, so something will have to give, or this one isn’t happening.