Before Euro 2016, the general Belgian feeling about their national team was one of pride. Flags were hung in windows and Belgian supermarkets had whole aisles dedicated to selling an incredible assortment of things all in the colours of the national flag.

The country’s golden generation were one of the favourites before the tournament but failed to live up to their billing. The public were of course disappointed and during the last international break, the team were whistled and booed.

Belgium lost 2-0 at home to Spain and sections of the home crowd weren’t happy one bit with what they saw. A 4-0 win against Bosnia and Herzegovina was much more welcome, but before he scored, Everton Romelu Lukaku missed a sitter and was booed.

Roberto Martinez kept the player on and he responded with a very good goal later, Belgium’s DH quote the Everton star as saying: “The whistles of the public, it’s not my problem. I know we live in a world that is made of criticism but I’m mostly here to enjoy and play football.”

DH go out of their way to show solidarity with Lukaku, saying the fan reaction was way out of line and not what should be expected of Belgium supporters.