Poor Thomas Lemar. The 21 year old will have to somehow cope with another year in Monaco’s tax-free, luxury-abound haven.

Having missed out on moves to Liverpool and Arsenal, Lemar will have to make do with now being a bigger star of a team, and trying to keep up a title challenge, whilst also competing in the Champions League.

Then there’s the World Cup on the horizon, and Lemar’s increased status at Monaco is likely to help him keep his increased status under Didier Deschamps.

But, still, there’s some disappointment. Lemar, and his Monaco transfer cellmate Fabinho, will be asking ‘Why them and not me?’ say L’Equipe.

Whilst others were allowed to leave, Lemar and Fabinho remained. That’s despite €100m offers for the former from Liverpool and Arsenal, according to the French newspaper.

As the window was closing, Monaco rubbished the idea of €100m offers to their local media, but then everyone realised the story suits all so it’s been taken as fact.

It’s good for Monaco to look like they’ve turned down €100m, in a window in which they’ve sold much of what they have it creates a veneer of strength against transfers. It’s good for the clubs who supposedly made the offers, because they can’t be faulted for their late efforts, and it’s certainly good for the player.

L’Equipe believe it could be difficult for Lemar and Fabinho to shake off their disappointment, and whilst there’ll be repeated rumours, mostly nonsense, of Arsenal and Liverpool returning in January, it’s Fabinho’s exit which would be likelier.

Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban ends and they may well make a strong move for the Brazilian midfielder.

Lemar and Fabinho will be fine, with the biggest worries for both being living up to the hype now surrounding them.