It’s been quite rare to check the Mexican media and not find something about Raúl Jiménez’ possible departure from Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The striker’s home country media has been a little obsessed with the rumours about his future, as they expect him to join a bigger club in the next transfer window.

Just yesterday, we covered a four-page story from newspaper Record where they asked 13 different journalists to analyse the player’s future.

Now it’s the Mexico national team boss Tata Martino who’s talking about Jiménez. Following the rumours that have been linking the striker to Juventus, the manager said he should think calmly about the decision.

“Any modification, any change, the first one that has to define it is both him and his family”, Tata Martino told TUDN (via Medio Tiempo).

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“Analyse very well any possibility of change, I know that it is very tempting at times and I also say this from experience, to me in some moment I’ve had to go somewhere privileged and after six or seven years I find myself declaring that it was the worst year as a coach of my life.”

“It’s not just going to the places that dazzle, but you have to be convinced that you want to do it, that a change is needed, because sometimes we have happiness where we are and it’s not necessary to change.”

It’s recently been reported by the Spanish media that Wolverhampton have set a price of €100m for Jiménez’ transfer this summer. This is said to be twice what Juventus are offering, so the clubs are probably far from a deal for now.