The French press are getting to the stage that they’re sounding a little irritated with West Ham for not capitulating over Dimitri Payet.

Marseille want to buy the player but as yet haven’t wanted to meet West Ham’s asking price, which means there’s been no progress on a potential move.

In France the dynamic of a French club pressuring a Premier League club over a transfer, with the player’s will on their side, is one which is a welcome change from the opposite.

West Ham had been expected to fold by now, but the club have stood firm and if they refuse Marseille’s latest offer of €30m L’Equipe believes there’s ‘not much to do’ to push things forward, the French club can hardly go much higher.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 12.33.44And that’s where the reality bites.

Payet may well want Marseille and the club may well be feeling financially powerful after their recent takeover, but their fiscal strength is little compared to the Premier League.

Marseille are now hanging on West Ham’s good faith or them being so fed up with Payet they snap and let him go.

Whether it’s €30m or €35m doesn’t make a great deal of difference to West Ham, but it clearly does to Marseille.